Community Education Providers Network across Bristol, North Somerset, & South Gloucestershire – Apprenticeship Event.

A very interesting discussion yesterday at the above conference relating to the L5 Diploma for Assistant Practitioners and the Nursing Associate programme.

At Varsity Training we have been delivering the level 5 Diploma for Assistant Practitioners in Healthcare for a number of years and feel that it offers a more flexible and cost-effective qualification for the Band 4 healthcare worker.  We deliver the programme across a range of employers, from Acute Trusts, Health Centres and Community Interest Companies.  Our students are not only from nursing backgrounds but from a full range of Allied Health Professions.  The programme we offer allows students from a range of practice areas to benefit from the foundation degree equivalent programme.  Students will also be able to progress onto the Adult Nursing Pathway at UWE should they wish to.

As you will see in the comparison table attached the L5 Diploma for Assistant Practitioners in Healthcare has many advantages that make it a positive move in relation to development of the Band 4 worker in a General Practice or Health Centre setting.

With the further possibility of 100% funding available to Healthcare providers within the region, this really is the time to consider the possibility of placing staff on this programme.

Varsity Training is a specialist provider with a long history of providing this and other programmes focused on healthcare and management.  We are based within the South West and being a local provider are responsive to your needs and support you and your students fully throughout the selection, enrolment and duration of the programme.

If this programme would be of interest to you then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to come out and discuss the programme in detail with you.

L5 Diploma for Assistant Practitioners in Healthcare – Varsity Training Nursing Associate Pilot programme

Course Duration

14 – 18 months 2 years

Workshop attendance required

37 days throughout programme

This can be reduced with the inclusion of blended learning

Weekly approx 80 days

Placements in other areas

Not required – students focus on work area Mandatory programme requirement – 6 week placements.

Knowledge balance of programme

All knowledge delivered within programme must be related to and supported by evidence from practice area. Knowledge assessed against academic requirement of course as laid down by University.

e-portfolio support

Dedicated e-portfolio with supporting materials and resources to further support students.  Portfolio links to smart devices allowing student to upload audio & video recording, as well as pictures.

Portfolio also hosts dedicated communication system to facilitate effective communication with assessment team.


Multi-media support

Embedded use of services such as;



Zoom meeting


All used to increase contact with student without impacting on work area – reducing the time student needs to out of work.




(significantly reduced back fill cost due to reduced programme length and lower attendance)


(plus back fill)


Funded through ESFA Levy


Levy 100%

Non – Levy 90% (10% employer contribution – divided over monthly payments)


Possibility of 100% funding for non-levy health care organisations – please ask for details

Pilot only funding at present