Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't studied since school and am worried about being able to manage academically.

Firstly, the staff team at VT are very supportive and are committed to helping you through the programme.  You’ll get regular 1:1 time with your personal tutor to talk through any concerns or questions.  Nearly all of the assessment in the programme is work based, it’s about what you do everyday in ‘real life’.  We want you to enjoy your time spent with us and we always strive to make sessions interesting and enjoyable!

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Levy will be coming in in April 2017.  Employers will pay the Levy and it will be collected by HMRC.

Who Pays the Levy?

Only employers who have a pay bill of £3million per annum will pay the Levy.

What can the Levy be spent on?

The Levy can only be spent on Apprenticeships, it cannot be spent on any other types of training.

What is the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS)?

DAS is a computerised service that will show what money is available to spend on apprenticeships (Levy paying employers).  It will let you know what training providers are in your area and is being delivered in your area, along with other information to support you.

Who are SWATPro?

SWATPro is a not-for-profit partnership of training providers working for the benefit of our members and to support learners and employers in the South West.  We bring together industry- leading expertise in the delivery of learning and skills, delivering cost-effective, high-quality, flexible skills solutions that meet the needs of the modern workplace and deliver high return on investment

How long will my apprenticeship take?

The apprenticeships we offer take between 12 – 18 months to complete.

What is an apprenticeship made up of?

At present this does vary from apprenticeship to apprenticeship.  For a level 2 or 3 HSC apprenticeship you will be expected to complete the main qualification, a technical certificate, Employer rights & responsibilities, Personal thinking and learning skills and functional skills at the appropriate level.  For Level 5 Health & HSC apprenticeships you will just have to complete the main qualification.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Easy!  Just contact us directly and we will support you through the process.

Why should I employ an apprentice?

Apprenticeships allow you to bring new talent through the ranks and train your team with the skills they need to help your business succeed.  By offering apprenticeship training you can address recruitment and retention challenges.  Offer training to new employees and upskill existing staff – with 90% – !00% of cost covered.

What are employers saying about apprenticeships?

“Our apprentices have been a huge asset to the company: they allow us to take control of our recruitment and grow our own talent.”

– Pickford Move Management Limited

“Apprentices have transformed our workplace culture with their enthusiasm, ideas and high levels of engagement.”

– Yorkshire Housing

What level should I consider?

This mainly depends on your experience in care up to now.  If you are new to the field and/or have not been involved in training up to now, then you may choose the Level 2 Diploma.  This is progressive training and for those more experienced, or a lead carer (and/or already completed the Level 2), you can study for your Level 3 Diploma.

Are the Diplomas like the NVQs used to be?

Yes, they are very similar; both are ‘vocational’.  Within the Diploma you will need to collect a portfolio of ‘evidence’ from your workplace of skills and understanding and there will be workshops to teach new knowledge.  You will meet your tutor for 1-1 sessions to guide and support you to help you stay on track. You will also attend workshops that will help with your ‘off the job’ training – which is a requirement of all diplomas.

I have dyslexia, can Varsity Training help support this?

Yes definitely, Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that affects up to 1 in every 10-20 people in the UK to some degree. This can present challenges to the learner but ones that can be overcome with Varsity’s support.  We will discuss your individual needs and with your help, put together a package of support that will help you achieve your goal.

Will it cost me anything?

No, each employer can access Levy funding, although there are various guidelines on how they can do this.  We can advise.

Is the Level 3 a full-time or part time course and how much time will I need?

Part-time; you meet your assessor every 3 weeks and every 6 weeks, there is a workshop sharing skills and knowledge and helping you to complete tasks.  The level 3 diploma is 18 months long.  You will always have access to VTMoodle, our VLE 24/7, to catch up on work at home.