Meet the VT Team: Angela

This week, we meet Angela! Angela is an experienced Health and Social Care assessor, who joined Varsity Training last summer after 11 years work for other providers.


How did you end up at Varsity Training? What jobs have you done beforehand?

I had been assessing for 11 years elsewhere and wanted a new environment. The jobs I have done before in early days were retail and bar work however for the last 35 years I have worked in Health and Social Care training as a  registered nurse and working at Southmead, training and working as a midwife for 4 years, then worked as a Practice nurse for 11 years doing health promotion and also working as  family Planning nurse in the evenings.

Why did you get into Health and Social Care?

 I got into HSC as I wanted a job where I was making a difference and I have always liked people and caring for them and the job satisfaction this bought me.

Which three people, past or present, would you invite to your dream dinner party and why?

 I would invite Florence Nightingale to talk about nursing, George Michael as I love his music and his kindness and Charles Dickens as I think he was a very talented author and I love my books.

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

My idea of a perfect weekend is socialising with friends and family over dinner then playing trivial pursuit, lie in on a Sunday with the newspapers, then long walk with the dog in the country and home for roast dinner.

If you had to pick a ‘final’ meal, what would it be? Start, Main and Desert, please! 

 Greek Salad, Risotto with salmon and prawns and Crème Brulee.

Do you have any pets and if so, what are their names?

 I have a long haired German Shepherd dog called Eva. She is the 3rd I have had!

Your favourite holiday destination?

 My favourite holiday destination is New York.

. . . and finally, would you rather be able to talk to animals or be invisible? 

 This one is easy. Definitely talk to animals as I love animals and would love to have a conversation with Eva!