Jane’s Journey!

To end National Apprenticeship Week, we thought we would share a journey of one of our past Level 5 Assistant Practitioner learners, who off the back of Assistant Practitioner programme, has been offered some fantastic opportunities and has been settling into life post-programme!

It was great to catch up with Jane again, here is her journey!

‘On completion of the AP course, I remained working in the emergency surgical clinic. My responsibilities didn’t change overnight, but gradually increased. I was supported to carry out dressing changes and was being introduced to the sole running of the clinic with a Consultant, so leaving the Nurse Practitioner free to clerk patients.

I was put forward to attend a programme called the Bath Improvement System, under the umbrella of a whole Trust programme called Improving Together.

On completion of the training I was asked to share my experience at various events within the hospital. This lead to me becoming more involved with the Improving Together programme and I was also asked to support future teams going through the programme.

At the end of last year, I was successful in gaining a 2-year full time secondment to the Improving Together team as an Improvement Practitioner. I now help deliver training to big groups of staff, facilitate the teams on training days and provide coaching to teams allocated to me.

It’s been a whirlwind but I’m loving it! The transition from a clinical task-based role to having responsibility for teams was initially hard and very daunting but I’m now 3 months in and feeling very settled and growing in confidence all the time. The team is very supportive and are happy for me to progress at my own pace.

The Assistant Practitioner course enhanced my application and along with other qualifications, helped me obtain this new job. I’ve been able to draw on the presenting experiences from the Assistant Practitioner course to help develop my skills. I’ve also found I’m reflecting on the psychology knowledge, particularly as I’m coaching staff through change!’

We’re thrilled to hear Jane’s progress since the completion of her Assistant Practitioner programme, this is a great example of how the programme can help up skill your current workforce and provide opportunities for staff.

Huge thank-you to Jane for her time to let us catch up.